building a brighter future


Our Beginning

  • The Epstein Community Foundation (ECF) was founded by Epstein employees in 2008 to continue the 'community focus' philosophy instilled within the company by Sidney Epstein

  • Originally partnered with Chicago Public Schools to work with at-risk youth


Our Mission

  • The Epstein Community Foundation (ECF) is a charity that was founded by Epstein employees with the goal of developing a partnership with communities to empower people to improve their lives.

  • ECF collaborates with local organizations to construct safe environments and mentor communities. This is achieved through volunteering time, sharing expertise, and contributing financially to help build a brighter future.


Our Goals

  • Partner with established non-profits to support Chicago's communities

  • Use the expertise of Epstein employees in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction through volunteer projects


empower people to improve their lives