Designs 4 Dignity


ECF partnered with Designs 4 Dignity to create a design for a women's shelter in Illinois that helps victims of domestic violence, A Safe Place.


designs 4 dignity & a safe place

Designs 4 Dignity ("D4D") transforms nonprofit environments through pro bono design services and in kind donations- empowering lives through design. 

A Safe Place works to transform victims lives after domestic violence by providing shelter, counseling, and legal support.


ECF has worked with D4D to design and manage a renovation of A Safe Place's shelter in Waukegan, IL. The renovation includes a full kitchen remodel and bedroom updates including flooring, paint, and decor. The design proposal features calming and soothing elements to create a relaxed atmosphere and cool tones throughout all the spaces. The main goal of the design is to create personalized spaces for the residents to make them feel comfortable and supported during a difficult time.


A Safe Place has many supporters and volunteers who helped to paint and build Epstein's design! Take a look at ECF's bedroom renovations being worked on by The Chicago Bears HERE